Stress Ain't Sexy, Baby: How To Manage Stress & Create the Sex Life You Crave


     Stress. Just reading that word can create responses in our minds and bodies that are both automatic and unpleasant. Stress has a way of forging its way into every aspect of our lives. What happens when stress starts to affect our personal relationships? How many of these scenarios resonate with you:

    •    You are so stressed that the last thing on your mind is having sex
    •    Your partner initiates sex and you scramble to come up with a new excuse, one other than “I’m tired..."
    •    You feel guilty for not wanting sex, so you get more stressed
    •    What about the opposite?  You want sex all the time but your partner is rarely in the mood

Maybe the inner conversations and struggles are creating a chasm in your relationship that you don’t really know how to come back from.  When these conversations become constant and automatic, they can create limiting beliefs that cause you to question yourself. How do I bring sex up again without getting rejected? Are they annoyed with me? Am I not attractive enough? Am I too much? Suddenly, you begin to doubt yourself, which only aggravates the experience.

If this resonates with you, it is our great pleasure to share with you The Sex Summit - an intimate workshop series designed with the sole purpose of creating a space for you, and women like you, to comfortably explore, empower, and enjoy your sexuality. This March, The Sex Summit proudly brings you our first 2017 workshop:


During this workshop, you will learn:

  • How to identify the areas where stress is affecting your life and relationships
  • Mindfulness strategies that allow you to shift limiting beliefs within your sex life (ie: self-talk, insecurities, etc)
  • To foster and build body self-awareness, self-love, and energizing exercises
  • Practical tools for communicating yourself effectively
  • Connection exercises to enhance your ability to listen and trust your gut feeling
  • A mini-yoga session that will release emotional and energetic blockages in the body that may be keeping you from connecting fully to your sensuality

During this experiential workshop, we will build an intimate community of women ready to make real and lasting shifts in their lives. The workshop will include two hypnosis sessions (valued at $400!), which will allow you to go deeper than superficial awareness and get to the root of your stress triggers! This will create a powerful and lasting transformation in your relationships and sex life. By becoming aware of unhealthy patterns, you’re able to redefine intimacy and open yourself up to experience all that you desire.

BONUS: Communication Coaching by two NLP masters. Learn useful tools on how to talk to your partner and ask for what you want!


Curious about what goes on at our workshops? We've got you covered. Check it out:

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