Debbie Rodriguez is a Hypnotist, Author, Speaker and Co-Founder of the Sex Summit, an organization aimed at inspiring women to honor their experiences and celebrate their sexuality.

  Over the years, Debbie has worked with hundreds of women teaching them the mindset and skills to reclaim and empower their sexuality. As Co-Founder of The Sex Summit, Debbie creates powerful live events where women learn real life skills to "give, get and indulge." Four times a year, The Sex Summit hosts workshops that bring together field experts to engage this community in provocative and taboo conversations around sex, intimacy and self-expression. Women come to learn confidence, communication skills and rediscover their desires in a safe and encouraging atmosphere. Debbie believes that one of the most important things one can do after helping a woman remember how powerful she is, is to give her the tools to be  able to stand on her own two feet without shame, guilt or censorship. 

    From this place women are able to embrace their sexuality with integrity, commitment and playfulness. Debbie believes that if a woman cannot reach fulfillment in her sexuality, there may be other aspects of her life where she is limiting her self-expression. By liberating and redefining intimacy and sex, women are able to conquer and fully enjoy several other aspects of their lives as well.

    While leading workshops through The Sex Summit, Debbie works as a consulting hypnotist at Coral Gables Hypnosis where she is also a managing partner. Her specialty is sexuality, coaching mostly women and LGBTQ folks to release past traumas and step into their greatness. Having come from a conservative religious family culture, she understands the fear and self-judgement that results from having your sexuality questioned and rejected early on. She knows how challenging it can be to create the life she is grateful to have today. For this reason, she has dedicated herself to serving those who are ready to live boldly and authentically. She feels having a mentor to guide the way will save women not only precious years of their lives, but give them the emotional and sexual freedom to create the life they truly desire. 

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