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  • MADE at THE CITADEL 8325 NE 2nd Ave Miami, FL 33138 (map)

That's What She Said: Redefining Orgasm & Sexual Intimacy

“That’s What She Said: Redefining Orgasm and Sexual Intimacy” is right for you if you:
-Want to shape your future along with your relationship to yourself, your body, and your partners.
-Want to liberate and explore your sexuality and are not sure how.
-Want to improve your sex life.
-You’re not sure what you enjoy sexually and want a safe space to explore and discover your preferences.
-Are already sexually content and want to further reinforce your sexiness.
- Would like to be a part of a group of awesome women that "get" you.
- Want to stop the feelings of insecurity and doubt that contribute to lack of compassion for yourself and ultimately hinder your sexual expression.
- Are excited about an insightful getaway in a beautiful, casual environment that will help you enjoy your body and your sex life more.