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The Sex Summit Presents: That’s What She Said (2 Day Workshop)

That’s What She Said: Redefining Orgasm & Sexual Intimacy

So many of you have been asking questions like, How can I be more intimate with my partner? How do I let go of past traumas and insecurities in order to fully enjoy my sexuality? Where can I meet like-minded women who want to redefine and liberate their relationship to their bodies? Who can I speak with about orgasms.

In speaking with women like you, we realized there is no safe, informed platform where women can come together to discuss these issues that form such an integral and crucial part of our lives. We are open to all women-identified folks, cis, trans, or genderqueer. So, whether you’re looking to improve communication with your partner, enjoy a more fulfilling sex life, or explore new ways to enjoy your sexuality with integrity and playfulness, we have created something really amazing for you! 

It is our great pleasure to share with you The Sex Summit - an intimate, yearly workshop designed with the sole purpose of creating a space for you, and women like you, to explore, empower, and enjoy your sexuality! YES, you read that right! Your sexuality! 

This year The Sex Summit proudly brings you our 2016 workshop: 

“That’s What She Said: Redefining Orgasm & Sexual Intimacy” -

the first of several workshops aimed at exploring and empowering the female sexual experience.

You will leave the workshop with:

  • Clearly identified tips & tricks for asking (and getting!) what you want
  • Your own definition of intimacy
  • A clearer sense of YOUR sexuality (without the pressure of performing or pretending)
  • Insight on how to communicate honestly with your partner(s) about what turns you on and what turns you off
  • A more accepting and compassionate self-image
  • Valuable connections with a group of sexy women that “get” you
  • The tools to release past sexual expectations and experiences that may have kept you insecure, censored, or ashamed.

So if you’re serious about transforming and celebrating your sexuality and want to fully enjoy your body, click here to secure your spot!

Later Event: October 2