Patty Fuenzalida is the co-founder of The Sex Summit, a Miami-based company whose purpose is to permanently change how women view and connect with their bodies and their sexuality. 

  Before beginning her work with the summit, Patty served as a financial consultant for various national corporations. She spent 15 years training and leading sales professionals to claim their worth and create results they want. Her commitment to empowering others led her to become a consulting hypnotist, where she has worked for the past six years. Along with her background in psychology, she is also a certified Reiki practitioner and Master-level NLP practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), both of which she applies in her professional practice.

   In her role as a hypnotist and coach, Patty has worked with hundreds of women to overcome challenges ranging from anxiety and nervousness to sexual trauma and abuse. In her years of practice, she has found a consistent link between how her clients view themselves and the results they manifest in their lives and relationships. A great deal of her work has thus been geared towards inspiring women to see their worth and claim their best life. 

  Outside of her work sphere, Patty is an avid outdoors woman, taking advantage of any opportunity to take off into nature and recharge. She is also head of her tribe, which includes her husband, three children and Spirit, the German Shepherd. They all live together out in Redland, Florida.